Full-length – SEPTEMBER 27th, 2011


1. Dark Gnosis
2. Secret Ride To Rebellion
3. They Call Me Black Devil
4. Negative Incarnate
5. Bring Down The Cosmic Scheme
6. The Great Southern Darkness
7. The Foolhardy Venturer
8. Per Nox Regna
9. The Science Of Shifting
10. Chaos Manifested
11. Horns In My Pathway

Billy Bayou: Composition – Guitars + Bass + Vocals
Gionata Potenti: Drums

“Packed with bluesy riffs but still charged with all the screeches and technical dexterity known to black metal fans, The Great Southern Darkness is one of the most fascinating fusions I’ve heard in a while. It takes a while to dig in, but the excursion is worthwhile and the blackness is remarkably hospitable.” [Jordan Richardson / Music Review]

“Imagine it like a stormy summer day and/or a rainy beach party in the American South, no hope for sunshine but still you enjoy it even more. If you can keep up with the southern references in Glorior Belli’s black metal portrait or you can bear black metal in your southern preferences, then The Great Southern Darkness is everything you should go after.” []

“While it took a few listens to really get into what these guys were doing, once we did, we began to have trouble understanding why more bands didn’t actually do something similar. Might not be black metal record of the year, but just might have to make up a blackened heavy rock category, cuz we’re digging this like crazy.” [Aquarius Records]