Full-length – April 30th, 2005

CD = Eerie Art Records – Vinyl = Aquilus Cruoris Records

1. Dictum Audiens
2. Ô Laudate Dominvs
3. Poisoned Flesh
4. Celestial Phenomena
5. In Paradisum…
6. Eternal Torments
7. Darkened Shroud
8. Stigma Diaboli

Infestvvs: Composition + Guitars + Bass + Vocals
Antarès: Drums
Nefastvs: Guitars

“Glorior Belli sounds honest, pure, it’s them to the bone. I like that and it energizes me like a goddamn battery. Even the instrumental track makes me grin…” [Vampire Mag]

“The whole thing has a strangely melodic bent that helps it stand out from other black metal records, an almost indie-rock quality to the melodies, somehow super catchy while at the same time being suffocatingly black and grim.” [Aquarius Records]