Full-length – May 25th, 2009

CD = CANDLELIGHT Records – Vinyl = W.T.C.

1. Once In A Blood Red Moon
2. The Forbidden Words
3. Swamp That Shame
4. There Is But One Light
5. My True Essence
6. In Every Grief-Stricken Blues
7. Nox Illuminatio Mea
8. The Blazing Darkness (Of Luciferian Skies)
9. Fivefold Thought
10. Fires Of The Sitra Ahra
11. Meet Us at the Southern Sign

Infestvvs: Composition – Guitars + Bass + Vocals
Antarès: Drums
Nefastvs: Guitars

“There’s lots to digest during this 11-song, 50-minute affair, but the bulk of these songs are palpable, but challenging, an odd counter-balance from one of the scene’s most unconventional bands. Get this.” []

“Featuring a nice variation in tempo from all out blasts to plenty of slow, introspective moments, this new record should propel Glorior Belli forward within metal’s consciousness even more so than its predecessor.” []