Full-length – June 19th, 2007

CD & Vinyl = Southern Lord Records

1. From Darkness There Springs Light
2. Deadly Sparks
3. Sinister Resonance
4. Severed From the Self
5. Manifesting the Raging Beast
6. Said Lucifer In Twilight
7. Serpentine Admonition
8. Altered Verses

Infestvvs: Composition + Guitars + Vocals
M:A Fog: Drums
Dispater: Bass

“Raging with heart-eating intensity, Glorior Belli conquers the dark black metal scene with their innate knack for suffocating vocals, buzzy guitars, and crashing percussion.” []

“For a sophomore release, this is outstanding stuff, and shows a band that is fully at ease with their talents, and not afraid to take their classic BM influences one step further.” [Sea Of Tranquility]