Eye Carver proudly presents: ‘IN GLORIA SOLIS ATRI’ Euro tour.

25 Feb – Baroeg – Rotterdam (Nederlands)
26 Feb – Throne Fest / JOC DieZie – Roeselare (Belgium)
27 Feb – Glaz’art – Paris (France)
01 Mar – Onirica Club – Parma (Italy)
02 Mar – Pieffe Factory – Gorizia (Italy/Slovenia)
03 Mar – Viper Room – Vienna (Austria)
04 Mar – K17 – Berlin (Germany)
05 Mar – Welt In Trummern Festival – Frankfurt (Germany)

For the first time since 2005, French veterans GLORIOR BELLI are back on tour, with fellow devotees of the Devil’s cult: HORNED ALMIGHTY!

GLORIOR BELLI swamped out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002 leaded by founding member J. At this point the band has garnered a stellar reputation in the heavy music community for mixing Southern-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. So load up your haversack and hit the dusty road, for the real devil’s pact is about to be signed.

After three acclaimed studio albums and a powerful live recording, Danish Black Metallers HORNED ALMIGHTY have reached a prevalent position within Candlelight Records’ roster for the release of their new work entitled ‘Necro Spirituals’. Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Bredhal (Hatesphere, Koldborn, etc) at Dead Rat Studios. The album is the strongest and fierce material the band has written so far and now, Horned Almighty are eager to spread their filthy gospels all over Europe!

Greece is a fiery Black Metal country and THE ONE surely its best emmissary. Formed by Alexandros, the legendary member of Macabre Omen, The One is a powerful duo, known for it’s claustrophobic and obscure live experiences.

ABSENTIA LUNAE is the best italian black metal live band. Period. The uncompromising band, Absentia Lunae released two albums under the banner of ATMF. The new one, entitled ‘Vorwärts’ is written and the new material will be played during the tour.


HORNED ALMIGHTY (Denmark – Candlelight Records)

THE ONE (Greece – Totalholocaust Records)



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