Glorior Belli Premiere “They Call Me Black Devil” Video

“French black-metal crew Glorior Belli teased their new album, The Great Southern Darkness, which is due out September 27, on our website on Monday. Now they’re premiering an absolutely surreal video for “They Call Me Black Devil” right here. Let us know what you think of it in the comments”.

source: Revolver Mag

Metal Blade Records signs worldwide deal with French Black Metal Avantgarde act GLORIOR BELLI!

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of GLORIOR BELLI from France!

GLORIOR BELLI swamped out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002. What started as a notorious duo soon became a remarkable beast, acting as a beacon for everyone looking to free themselves of the influence of the Demiurge.

A symbolic demo – Evil Archaic Order – was released in June 2004, followed by their first full-length album Ô Lavdate Dominvs in May 2005. Their sophomore album Manifesting the Raging Beast was released in June 2007 via Southern Lord Records and their latest offering Meet Us At The Southern Sign reached the surface in June 2009 via Candlelight Records.

Lyrics and themes explored over the years reveal a sincere inclination for rebel-ism and developed sense of poetry, an intriguing and almost hypnotic journey through dark deserts and evil fields with Lucifer as personal guide.

At this point the French band has garnered a stellar reputation in the extreme music community for mixing Desert-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. But don’t bother trying to restrain that which cannot be confined, for this is merely the greatest curse of the cosmic scheme.

GLORIOR BELLI have now inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records in anticipation of their upcoming album The Great Southern Darkness, due to be released in the fall of this year.

Comments the band: “We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with the folks of Metal Blade Records, who put out some of the best Metal in the past decades, and it’s only fair given the efforts and determination of Glorior Belli into making genuine music that stands the test of time.”

Portugal: April 2, xi

In addition to the tour we will be playing an exclusive show with THE ONE + SATANIZE at Side B (Benavente/Lisbon) on APRIL 2ND.

European TOUR 2011 – 25th February, 6th March 2011

Eye Carver proudly presents: ‘IN GLORIA SOLIS ATRI’ Euro tour.

25 Feb – Baroeg – Rotterdam (Nederlands)
26 Feb – Throne Fest / JOC DieZie – Roeselare (Belgium)
27 Feb – Glaz’art – Paris (France)
01 Mar – Onirica Club – Parma (Italy)
02 Mar – Pieffe Factory – Gorizia (Italy/Slovenia)
03 Mar – Viper Room – Vienna (Austria)
04 Mar – K17 – Berlin (Germany)
05 Mar – Welt In Trummern Festival – Frankfurt (Germany)

For the first time since 2005, French veterans GLORIOR BELLI are back on tour, with fellow devotees of the Devil’s cult: HORNED ALMIGHTY!

GLORIOR BELLI swamped out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris in December 2002 leaded by founding member J. At this point the band has garnered a stellar reputation in the heavy music community for mixing Southern-Rock textures with the brutal, ominous, doom-laden vibe typical of Black Metal. So load up your haversack and hit the dusty road, for the real devil’s pact is about to be signed.

After three acclaimed studio albums and a powerful live recording, Danish Black Metallers HORNED ALMIGHTY have reached a prevalent position within Candlelight Records’ roster for the release of their new work entitled ‘Necro Spirituals’. Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Bredhal (Hatesphere, Koldborn, etc) at Dead Rat Studios. The album is the strongest and fierce material the band has written so far and now, Horned Almighty are eager to spread their filthy gospels all over Europe!

Greece is a fiery Black Metal country and THE ONE surely its best emmissary. Formed by Alexandros, the legendary member of Macabre Omen, The One is a powerful duo, known for it’s claustrophobic and obscure live experiences.

ABSENTIA LUNAE is the best italian black metal live band. Period. The uncompromising band, Absentia Lunae released two albums under the banner of ATMF. The new one, entitled ‘Vorwärts’ is written and the new material will be played during the tour.


HORNED ALMIGHTY (Denmark – Candlelight Records)

THE ONE (Greece – Totalholocaust Records)



Eye Carver organization – promotion – booking – management
Pedemonte – 23010 – Valthellina – Italy

“Rites of Spiritual Death” – split 12″ available 1/1/11

Necroterror Records presents…

Rites of Spiritual Death”, a split 12 LP limited to 300 copies, containing exclusive tracks from two unholy heralds of perpetual gloom, Glorior Belli and Creeping. On one side of the slab, a grand and scorching illumination by the beams of Lucifer glorified on high; on the other, oppressive scorn directed straight at Sol from the swamps of Hell. Coupled with exceptional artwork and fold out A3 poster, this release commemorates the infernal congregation of both hemispheres under the sigil of the Devil. Die in the one true light! First 50 copies come with an exclusive sticker.

01. Glorior Belli – Fierce Rays of Wrathful Light
02. Creeping – Shrine of the Fallen Sun

French veterans Glorior Belli emerge from the Southern black swamps they descended into on their 2009 album “Meet us at the Southern Sign”, returning with a hideous ten-minute leviathan of a track in their trademark style of powerful, discordant Black Metal with twisting, bluesy pentatonics warped under His will. New Zealand’s Creeping‘s burnt offering is no-less harrowing; also pushing the ten-minute mark, these mad Kiwis offer a churning, chugging journey through the halls of Death through ugly sludge-drenched riffs and doom-laden dissonant moments of blissful agony.

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. All copies come with an A3-sized fold out poster. First 50 copies come with sticker.

Price: €12.00 + postage

‘PARIS – 12/09’ Live reports

Eibon, Glorior Belli, Ramesses – PARIS (Le Klub) 12/09/10

By Aris3Again from ‘Pavillon 666‘:

By Sinner from ‘Les Acteurs De L’Ombre’: